Hush Now

Title: Hush Now 

Word Count: 367 words

Rating: PG-13

Notes: Trigger warning, this piece contains allusions to sexual assault.

He says hush, he says you’re beautiful, don’t cry. He pets her hair, her cheek, rests his hand against her collarbone, fingers caressing the pulse beatbeatbeating in her neck. As if this will make her okay again, as if she wants his touch.

She squirms on the table, bleeding out where he clipped her wings. Just on the surface, she says, look, please look. I’ll show you the truth. She opens the little door shielding her heart, revealing all the rot and decay it hides.

He closes it without glancing away from her face, from the tears he has caused. No, he says, you’re beautiful and perfect and I love you.

You can’t. She beats her fists against his chest, claws at his face, trying to cause pain, trying to cause anything to free herself. His love proves to be a heavy, forceful thing; she’s unable to move him off of her in this state of bitter exhaustion. You can’t love me. You don’t even know me.

But I do he says, laughing as he ties her hands. He kisses each of her knuckles, smiling as she tries to pull herself away from him. You smiled at me so long ago. As you should, for my heart tells me you are mine.

That is not love, this is not love. Please, let me go. Her strength is flagging, tears running dry; she pushes against him once more with her bound hands, to no avail. She has nothing left to fight with, no wings to fly, no hands to grasp her way to freedom.

It’s alright, he promises, sewing careful stitches into her lips; it’s alright because I love you.

There is nothing left but to wait, she does not scream as he takes her, laying claim to her body the way he has tried to claim her heart. She does not cry as he whispers shh, shh and pets her cheeks while he thrusts into her. It’s alright, he says you’re beautiful and I love you and that is all you need.

This is an older piece, originally written in 2011, reprinted here for your viewing pleasure.

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