Regarding Conceptions

When I started this blog I had these grand ideas that, hey, I’m paying for a space this will encourage my cheap ass to actually use it and be more proactive with my writing.

Except I wasn’t.

Then I decided, hey, let’s start doing book reviews. Critical thinking is a good skill to level up and maybe I’ll have something to say about a book that nobody else has said before (says every book reviewer ever.) And that went okay for a bit, except I wasn’t reading books I wanted to read, I was reading “new” books, advanced reader copies, and not always for things that I enjoy. Reading rapidly went from being this thing I did to unwind to a chore that I looked forward to with the same level of enthusiasm as emptying the litter box (spoiler alert: I have a weak stomach and can’t actually empty the litter box. The kind and benevolent boyfriend has to do that. Sadly, I have yet to figure out how to make him review a book I didn’t want to read.)

2016 was supposed to be my golden year. I was going to be the most productive I had ever been on every front.

Except, you may notice judging by the archives, it was the exact opposite.

I had created such a lofty idea of what I wanted this space to be that I ended up circling back around to ignoring it completely.

I’m paying for this space and I chose to ignore it. I’m changing that in 2017.

I thought, as an aspiring writer, I needed a clean space where just my writing happened. And maybe that would work for someone else but for me, it ended up feeling… sterile. Unwelcoming. I ended up not writing anything because I wanted to write the perfect things to be shown on my site.

Which brings us here. Once, I had this crazy idea that I would have a schedule something like this: Monday would be book review day, Wednesday would be a personal blurb day, and Friday would be new fiction day. I don’t know who I thought I was but that schedule is impossible for the me I am now. Maybe one day I’ll have a blog like Chuck Wendig, who updates with something approaching regularity, but for now I have to accept this space for what it is: mine.

Instead of holding myself to some sort of impossible standard, I’m going to post when I can. When I feel like it. My current goal is one piece of original fiction a month, no matter how long or short, and anything other than that is gravy.

This probably means a lot more rambling from me. This probably means some personal stories, potentially embarrassing people who know me in real life. But, that’s part of me too, isn’t it?

So. Officially, welcome I suppose. Lets see what tomorrow brings, both here and in the world, shall we?


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