Writing Archives

Here be the archived links to all works, regularly updated when new pieces are published.


A Land In Drought flash fic* 872 words. Bargains a struck and prices must be paid.

Once Upon a Time flash fic*, 632 words. Once upon a time, a girl befriended the wind.

 The Truth flash fic* 649 words. Learning to let go.

Where No One Can be Found short short story 1,212 words. A visit from a long gone friend and a decision waiting to be made. Trigger warning contains mentions of suicide.

You Want a Better Story short short story 1,383. John finds God on a Wednesday at Starbucks.

 Hush Now flash fic* 345 words. She is pinned to the table like a butterfly, something beautiful to be killed and admired, and as she screams and cries and begs, he says “hush”.

How Pretty flash fic* 745 words. A small hand stitched doll enters the great wide world.

 Knock Twice flash fic* 830 words. Sometimes the door home is a bit sticky and so you have to find another entry.

The Box flash fic* 540 words. Greta comes home to an unexpected package and much pondering ensues.

The Other Mirror  flash fic* 833 words. A winter storm reveals that not all is as it seems.

For Love of Sea Flash Fic* 947 words. Bree has been waiting for this opportunity for years now, and she finally has the tools needed to return home if she can only manage to distract him long enough.

Got Moxie Flash Fic* 917 words. Two brothers are just trying to set an honest heist into motion when their stolen ambulance turns out to contain an extra passenger.

Harmonized Worth Flash Fic* 945 words. Lily puts her soul into her music, but in order to repay a debt she’ll have to find a way to give more.

The Boy Who Was a Fish Flash Fic* 750 words. Once upon a time there was a boy who was a fish. A fairy tale, of sorts.

A Voice Inside Your Soul Short Story 4,249 words. Jonah deals with the darkness growing inside his heart. Warning for themes of depression and suicide.

*flash fic, short for flash fiction, pieces shorter than 1,000 words, longer than 100.

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