BPAL scent reviews

Do you know what BPAL is? No? That’s unfortunate. Here, let me educate you: BPAL stands for Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (and for once I spelled Phoenix correctly on the first try, truly a thing to celebrate) and they create perfume oils.

I was first introduced to them some years ago by a friend who can’t bear the thought of me having any money in my bank account. She fixed this by going “here, have this eclectic collection of scents that cannot actually exist and yet they do.”

They offer a range of scents, usually based on some sort of theme (they have an Alice in Wonderland line, for example) and every single one of their blends is evocative and captivating and will take you somewhere else with one whiff.

Needless to say, I’m a bit obsessed. I’m not going to run through my entire collection (of which there are many and they are varied.) But I am going to give you a down and dirty review of the latest collection of scents I bought from them, because I too cannot stand to have any money in my wallet.

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