Harmonized Worth

Title: Harmonized Worth

Word Count: 945

Rating: PG-13

Notes: Warning for self mutilation/suicide/possible body horror

Lily closes the hatch of the attic behind her without a sound. She has learned to be quiet in all the ways she can, lest her parents wake and send her back to bed. She will not allow that to happen again. She pauses to still the tremor in her hand and gather her courage; she cannot play to satisfaction if she cannot control her own body. Continue reading

Got Moxie


Title: Got Moxie 

Word Count: 919 words

Rating: PG

Mugsy flicked the safety of his gun on and off again and again. It’s a bad habit, he knows that, but he’s got too much nervous energy and nowhere to expend it. The back of the stolen ambulance is cramped, even gutted the way it is. It’s just him in the back, empty cabinets and drawers looking on accusingly, overhead light humming in the special way reserved for tense situations.

“You gonna shoot your own damn foot off,” warned Danny from the front. Danny refused to use a code name, said Mugsy was being dumb. “Call yourself whatever you want, you’re still Georgie from Fifth Street.” Danny didn’t understand, Mugsy was trying to get into the part, trying to fit his skin around the concept they were executing. Continue reading